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The Benefits of Online Personal Training. Is it For You?

Is Online Personal Training for You?

Is Online Personal Training for You?

Today’s society is more health conscientious than ever before, however, not everyone has stellar kinesthetic awareness. Kinesthetic awareness is the ability to know where your body is in time and space, and if you don’t have it then you, like many other people are most likely thinking about hiring a personal trainer.  When many people start to look into hiring a personal trainer they learn the choices and decision to hire one can be overwhelming. What makes one trainer better than another? Does the trainer’s schedule work with your schedule? Do you travel a lot for work? Do you have a gym membership already but want to hire a trainer that can’t train in your gym due to the facilities rules about outside trainers?  It can all leave your head spinning!

Fortunately, there are several trainers that are now switching over or adding on online personal training apps to their business model. How do you know if online personal training is for you? Check out these tips to learn more about the fastest growing trend in the fitness industry.

Let’s Face it, Price Can Be A Factor

I’ve been a personal trainer for 15 years and sometimes price has been a deterrent for some of my clients who need to train more frequently (especially in the crazy Vancouver real estate market!).  My clients understand the benefits of hiring an elite personal trainer, but one-on-one sessions aren’t in the budget 3 times a week. Online personal training allows my clients train more frequently by having me in their pocket when they go to the gym on their own.

With online training, your exercise program is still developed by your personal trainer so you get all the same expertise, but the workouts are developed and written on an app. The cost of your month of exercise programs will cost you about the same as 1 – 2 in-studio sessions. The cost will depend on your trainer’s level of expertise and experience.

Now you can work with your favourite fitness professional without breaking the proverbial piggy bank!

Life’s Fast-Paced Schedule Frustrations

I’m the first one to tell my clients that when they start to live a healthy lifestyle, making workouts a priority has got to be at the top of your list.  Poor health due to inactivity and poor diet has become a crisis in North America and you must put your health first. Health is your wealth because without health your best-laid plans won’t be achievable.

Despite your best efforts, meetings, business trips or crazy shift work can make booking appointments with your personal trainer frustrating and at times impossible. Luckily online personal training gives you the ability to train where you want when you want! Good online personal training apps will have internal messaging which allows your trainer to still guide you and provide support and motivation via questions asked and answered on the app.

Your pocket personal trainer gives you the ability to have a kick-butt workout no matter where you are or what time of the day it is currently. Take control of your workouts and put them where they work in your schedule.

Expert Advice Anywhere You Train at Anytime

Technology has changed our world by making information and access to services available at the touch of a fingertip. Many experts are now making information or advice readily available with the ability to reduce cost by mass production.

Technology has allowed a personal trainer to use video cueing so when your client isn’t with you they can always still refer back to ensure proper form for each exercise in their plan. Most of these apps also have real-time messaging which means when all else fails you can still message your trainer for extra help. It’s perfect for the client with kinesthetic awareness issues as they can read, watch and if all else fails, they have the support of a live coach for advice.

Plain and Simple – Accountability Creates Results

Often people search for a certified personal trainer only to choose a free online training app instead. The problem with the free apps is that you are given a “cookie-cutter” program that isn’t specifically designed for you and your needs.  While these apps work for some people, who already have fitness knowledge and are self-motivated, they aren’t for everyone. Most people prefer to have someone in their corner that they can contact when they need a little extra help or adaptations to their programs. Let’s be honest, it’s also nice to have a cheerleader in your corner for days when motivation just isn’t there.

Research has shown that people who have regular contact with a coach via phone about their programs have a much better chance of continuing to exercise regularly than those who aren’t regularly accountable to someone. Amidst the demands of our hectic modern lifestyles, long-term commitments like fitness and health can often seem like chores. We’ve all had that moment when we know we have to report into an authority figure about what we have achieved with a project whether that be about work or in this case an exercise plan. Most people like to have good things to report so that they receive praise.

One Final Thought

You finally made the decision to make this your time to obtain a better fitness level so you can be your best you!  If you aren’t sure what would work best for you – online or in-studio training, then ask yourself these questions before making the leap:

1) Do I have experience with working out with weights?

2) Do I have true kinesthetic awareness (how well do I know how to move my body effectively)?

3) Do I have health problems or injuries?

4) Do I have postural misalignments that require extra help?

As with anything else in life – if you are unsure or you hear the warning bells going off in your head then stop!  You may want to book some personal training sessions in a studio to get comfortable with yourself and the equipment.

Pre-existing injuries or health issues also require extra help and knowledge which may mean for your own safety a personal trainer by your side would initially be a better alternative for you. Stay in a studio with a trainer until you have rehabilitated your injuries or received a clean bill of health from your doctor. You can move over to online training once your health professional gives you clearance to work out on your own.  The same goes for many people who have more than simple postural misalignments.

Online personal training might just be the solution for a busy lifestyle or lack of funds getting in the way of becoming fitter. Online personal training can give you the expertise, support, and motivation that you’re looking for at an affordable price. Life can be full of hurdles just don’t let finding a great personal trainer be one of them. Remember health, in the end, is our wealth.

Happy Training!

Cathie Glennon – BCRPA-SFL