Zaynab Khairy Ayass

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Zayneb Khairy is an ACE certified personal trainer with a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Jordan. She is a course instructor for Infofit’s Fast Track Program.

On her healing journey after a car accident that had left her with multiple severe injuries, she felt that the world needed more qualified, competent and inspiring fitness professionals to help people like herself, who needed to get back on their feet feeling stronger, healthier  and more confident. The quest for the right fitness trainer has since then inspired her to study to become one herself. She has graduated several courses including INFOFIT’s courses and has been expanding her knowledge in the fields of fitness and nutrition for years now. Moreover, Zayneb is very passionate about teaching and spreading knowledge, as she sees herself a student before anything, that is why she has been dedicating her time to learning and working to provide fitness professionals with the knowledge, support, and motivation they need to achieve their goals.


I believe the time we spend on earth is short and precious, we are here for a reason and it is our duty to find this reason. Therefore I have made it my moto to make a difference in the lives of those around me, by sharing my knowledge, experience, and helping as many people as I can to realize their potential and pursue a meaningful and purposeful life.

In terms of fitness, I believe good education is the corner stone for each and every fitness professional, as dealing with the complexity of the human body needs more than just being a fitness enthusiast and spending long hours in the weight room. Therefore investing one’s time and financial resources in learning, should be a life long pursuit of all aspiring personal trainers.

Professional Accreditation

  • Infofit Certified
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (ACE approved)
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (ACE)
  • Certificate in community pharmacy (Queen’s University- Belfast)
  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (Jordan University – Jordan)


  • Active IQ tutor, assessor, and internal verifier training (UK)
  • Fitness Instructor level 3 (JUMP Academy- Jordan)
  • Personal Trainer level 4 (JUMP Academy – Jordan)