Veteran Education Benefit

financial support to Veterans 

What is the Education and Training Benefit?

Thinking of going back to school after your career in the military? Get financial help.

You have up to 10 years following your release date to receive this funding.

The Education and Training Benefit provides financial support to Veterans interested in pursuing education or training after their military service.

The Education and Training Benefit provides up to $80,000 (taxable) to cover mandatory education costs and some incidental and living expenses, for Veterans enrolled in eligible educational programs.

What counts as an eligible educational institution?

An eligible educational institution is either:

  • a Canadian university, college, or other educational institution offering courses at a post-secondary level
  • a Canadian institution providing occupational skills courses and certified by the minister of employment and social development (Infofit is on this list)
  • Infofit is an eligible institution

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