Infofit's Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of leadership in the fitness industry by providing our students with the highest quality courses, training and resources necessary for them to explore their career dreams.

Infofit - Setting the Standard for Fitness Education Since 1989

Before personal trainer certification was a widespread concept in Canada, Infofit's President and CEO, Andre Noel Potvin, recognized the need for professional, qualified leaders in the Canadian fitness industry. He founded Infofit in 1989 to set the standard for fitness education and provide a path for fitness professionals to achieve their personal trainer certification.

The Largest Dedicated Fitness Educational Facility in BC

Infofit is the largest and most established fitness education facility in British Columbia. We are the only BCRPA and ACE Approved Career College in British Columbia. Our graduates achieve high levels of success with their personal trainer certifications, making them highly sought after by industry partners. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Expert Instructors

At Infofit, our curriculum is both comprehensive and innovative, designed to deliver the highest quality education to our students. Our team of elite instructors are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching. They use creative and effective teaching techniques that make learning enjoyable and elevate students to higher levels of knowledge and practical experience. This hands-on approach ensures that Infofit provides the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

A Global Reach

Although Infofit is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, our reputation attracts fitness-minded distance-based learning students from all over Canada, the USA, and various countries worldwide. Our students come from cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Regina, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, and Saint Johns. We also draw students from international cities such as Seattle, Portland, New York, Las Vegas, Detroit, Moscow, and countries including Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, India, Russia, England, France, Greece, and Italy, among others. This global reach highlights Infofit's status as a provider of the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

Prestigious EQA Designation

Infofit proudly holds the prestigious Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation, a professional seal of quality that signifies our standards exceed the basic requirements. This designation is awarded to public and private institutions in British Columbia that meet or exceed quality assurance standards set by the province. Institutions with this designation demonstrate criteria beyond the requirements of legislation, regulatory bodies, and accreditation processes, further establishing Infofit as a leader in providing the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

Designated Institution Status

In addition, Infofit is a Designated Institution under the Private Training Institution Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education Skills and Training. This status is granted to institutions that meet higher standards of quality and education. Only Designated Institutions can enroll students eligible for financial assistance through StudentAid BC, reinforcing our commitment to accessible, high-quality education for those pursuing the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

Job Placement Success

Our graduates are highly sought after by employers in the fitness industry due to the rigorous training and comprehensive education they receive. We guarantee our students an interview and provide job interview lectures to help them secure the positions they desire. This focus on career readiness ensures that Infofit graduates are well-prepared to excel in the fitness industry with the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.

Flexible Schedule

We understand that our students have diverse schedules and commitments. That’s why our top personal training certification for fitness professionals offers flexible certification programs for part-time and full-time students. Courses are available during weekdays, evenings, and weekends to accommodate your busy lifestyle. For those with changing schedules, we offer personalized "One-on-One" trainer certification programs with our top-notch instructors.

A Wide Range of Personal Trainer Certifications

Infofit offers a variety of personal trainer certifications, including ACE, BCRPA, ACSM, and NSCA. This range allows us to better serve the needs of personal training students both locally and globally. By providing multiple certification options, we ensure that our students receive the top personal training certification for fitness professionals that best suits their career goals.

Start Your Fitness Career Today

If you're considering getting your personal trainer certification, reach out to our team and start your new career today. With Infofit, you can be confident that you're receiving the highest quality education and setting yourself up for success in the fitness industry with the top personal training certification for fitness professionals.