Exam Prep Study Package

Boost Your Chances of Passing Your PT Exam with our Exam Prep Study Package!

Looking to take your career in personal training to the next level? Our Exam Prep Study Package is here to help! It comes with everything you need to prepare for your ACE, ACSM, or BCRPA PT Exam, including a digital anatomy coloring book, RPE chart, webinar, exam prep study guide, and getting started forms. All the forms have been reviewed by a lawyer and are ready to use. Plus, you can even add your own logo to make them your own!

With our package, you’ll have the tools to improve your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam on your first try. Take your career to the next level with the Exam Prep Study Package!

Included in this Exam Prep Study package you have:

  • Anatomy Colouring Book – Digital Version
  • RPE Chart Digital Version
  • Webinar – “Get more PT clients – Increase your revenue”
  • Exam Prep Study Guide of your choice; ACE ACSM or BCRPA PT Exam
  • Getting Started Forms

The Getting Started Forms Include:

  • Blank program card
  • Client Intake Package (Par Q, Medical History, Goals)
  • Detailed Client Summary Form (input data from muscular imbalance and flexibility testing)
  • Medical Release Form
  • Package Purchase Tracking Sheet
  • Sub Max testing for bike and walking
  • Postural Assessment Form




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  • A student from another school

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