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Starting your new career as a personal trainer sets the stage for an amazing life experience.

The Rewards of Being a Certified Personal Trainer

Not only is being a certified personal trainer fun, rewarding, and profitable, but becoming a registered fitness professional allows you to make a real difference in people's lives.

What traditional 9 to 5 job offers that kind of life-changing opportunity?

Global Recognition and Opportunities

People all over the world recognize the benefits and importance of a healthy lifestyle. A career as a professional fitness instructor and lifestyle or nutrition coach offers an opportunity to build your own traditional fitness business or offer fitness and coaching services nationally, internationally, or globally through online technologies.

Infofit certifications in personal training are recognized around the world, and we regularly train students for fitness careers both at home and abroad.

A Booming Industry

With a largely sedentary population, affected by unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices, the demand for personal trainers, nutritional consultants, and lifestyle coaches is ready to explode. This industry growth presents incredible opportunities for those with a personal training certification.

Comprehensive Training with Infofit

Becoming a certified personal trainer through Infofit requires the completion of three knowledge-based courses. This industry-approved and accredited fitness foundation will enable you to find a job, build your own business, and launch a career that changes lives and fulfills dreams.

Start your journey today with Infofit's personal training certification and transform your passion for fitness into a rewarding and impactful career.

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Personal Training Certification:

  • Fitness Theory

    This course focuses on foundational knowledge such as basic anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise analysis and safety, as well as the fundamental principles of conditioning for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Learn more about Fitness Theory...

  • Weight Training

    This course teaches the instructional basics of personal training; how to perform an initial consultation, assess a client’s heart disease risk profile, develop a basic fitness program, teach safe and effective exercises and stretches and perform a post-workout consultation.

  • Personal Training

    Students will learn legal terminology and fitness documentation; health screening and risk stratification, fitness testing and data interpretation, advanced exercise analysis and program design, dysfunctional movement patterns and effective back care exercises.

  • Optional Courses

    Weight Training 101 teaches, practices and analyzes resistance exercises with feedback and training tips. The Apprenticeship provides an opportunity to develop and refine practical skills and includes: gym membership, exam prep, career guidance, 1:1 goal setting and guidance, working with real clients, observe and practice within an elite studio, shadow highly educated and experienced trainers and take home ready-to-use program design forms.