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“Sarah Saffari’s CEOwned has worked wonders for me! I started with zero followers and no clients, but thanks to the coaching and support I received, I created my online program and got it off the ground. I’ve already landed three high-ticket clients during my 12 weeks here and am excited to continue scaling my business! The community and accountability here have been incredible. Sarah Saffari’s CEOwned has provided me with the education and tools necessary to succeed on my entrepreneurial journey.” -Ulrike Storch

“Before I joined Sarah Saffari’s CEOwned, I was insecure about my abilities as a Personal Trainer because I had only been one for three or four months. I was making a measly $1200-1600/month training clients at the gym I was employed with. I was changing careers, and this entire fitness industry seemed overwhelming. Through the CEOwned coaching program, I developed valuable skillsets revolving around Sales, Messaging, and Copywriting. A few weeks ago, I landed three high-ticket clients all in the same week! More importantly, I’ve gained something money can’t buy, confidence in my abilities. Now, I know I can dominate the online fitness coaching industry because I have all the tools needed to succeed. Sarah Saffari’s CEOwned is a game-changer that provides a wonderful community of people who will support you and hold you accountable every step of the way. ” -Miguel Garcia

“I’ve signed up for several online coaching programs in the past and regretted it. However, joining Sarah Saffari’s CEOwned was the best decision I have ever made for my business. I am close to hitting the $12k mark after being in this program for about ten weeks. The coaches have all been excellent. The support I’ve gotten from this fantastic community while on this journey has been invaluable. I am now on my way to Living The Dream with the lifestyle I have wanted for so long!” -Kristel Kretchmer

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