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Article by Infofit

Rest-Pause Training Methods for More Growth

Are you struggling to gain size or break through a plateau?

Training Methods for Accelerated Growth

Are you struggling to gain size or break through a plateau? Have you been researching new and different training methods to help with your hypertrophy goals? Then try this! As an ACE Personal Trainer, I have helped many clients break through their training plateaus and produce hypertrophy gains by using this training methods principle known as Rest-Pause.

The Rest-Pause Principle Is Easy Add

The great thing about the rest-pause principle is that it is easy to work into an existing program.

This type of training assists you in reaching fatigue very quickly and assists you in completing more reps than you would normally. It also helps you fatigue your muscle fibres at a deeper level, delivers a huge “pump” and increases your mind-muscle connection.  Here’s how you do it.

Rest-Pause Training Methods Instructions

  • Choose a weight that allows you to complete 8-12 reps to temporary muscle fatigue
  • Rack the weight and rest for only 15 seconds
  • Un-rack the same weight and do as many reps as possible until fatigue
  • Rack the weight again and rest for another 15 seconds
  • Un-rack the weight and complete as many reps as you can until you fatigue
  • Rack the weight and Rest 1-2 minutes before moving on to your next exercise.

As a Personal Trainer, I have successfully used the Rest-Pause training methods in my own workouts, as well as with my clients’ training.

Please note, this system of training can be quite taxing on the body; therefore, my recommendation is to use this principle with one or two exercises only per workout to avoid overtraining. Although, this method can be extremely fatiguing, you will benefit greatly by getting more work done in less time, break through stubborn plateaus and gain more size when used correctly.