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Fat Facts – Why Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat!

The fat sources most conducive to optimum health.

“Eating Fats Does Not Make You Fat”

There are probably more misconceptions about fats than any other macronutrient. Dr. Weil explains why eating “fat does not make you fat” and shares which fat sources are the most conducive to optimum health.

Fat Facts

We should not be afraid of eating fats. And we need to not put so much emphasis on consumption of “fatty foods.” Dairy products made from whole fats are considered healthier than low-fat or no-fat dairy products.  The more we ate “low-fat or no-fat foods”  and reduced our intake, the fatter and fatter we have gotten.  Clearly our obesity problem its not fat’s problem! Something is very wrong with the way foods are being produced. Sugar is often added in large quantities to low-fat foods to make them taste better. Fat-free does not mean the food is trouble free. Low-fat foods are not always the healthy option. Its better to think “healthy-fat” as opposed to “fat-free.” The type you eat can be more important to your health than the quantity.  Think in terms of eating healthier fats, which are the good fats.

Watch Serving Sizes

Learn to read the labels before you buy a product. Be sure it is not loaded with sugar, flour and other additives which can make the “low-fat” version even more calories than the regular version.

When we eat carbohydrate foods, our body converts the carbohydrate to glucose.  According to Dr Weil, some simple carbohydrates turn our to be fine for us to eat. While some complex carbs may impact our health in some very negative ways. Carbs are killing us and it is not the healthy fats that are the problem!

Check out this Fat Facts infographic done by Massive Health to see how Carbs are Killing you.

Why eating fat does not make you fat