Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

ACE Required Ethics Course

Creating an Inclusive Fitness Culture as a Business Owner

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to fitness programming that positively impacts their lives, and it’s time to take action to ensure inclusivity in the fitness industry. As a fitness business owner, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference by fostering an environment where every client and employee feels valued and included.

In this video training, you’ll join fitness and wellness leader, Kia Williams, who is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Global Presenter, and Wellness Chair of the NAACP, Fort Worth-Tarrant County Chapter. Kia will share insights and best practices for creating a truly inclusive and accessible fitness business. By understanding the impact of equity, diversity, and inclusion on your role as a business owner, you can evaluate and challenge your existing processes, protocols, and efficiencies to support diversity in your business and service.

Kia will provide important guidelines for approaching conversations around topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the health and fitness industry, and share case studies that will accelerate your learning in creating inclusive spaces. You’ll discover the immeasurable value of celebrating, amplifying, and protecting diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business, which can result in expanding your brand reach, improving member retention, and fostering greater community support and engagement.

Join us in this transformative training to create a more inclusive fitness culture, and take your fitness business to new heights by embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Sign up now to unlock the full potential of your business and make a positive impact on the fitness industry.



  • Certified Personal Trainer or Group Fitness

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