The Complete CEC Online Squat Workshop

Learn more about Squats

This squat workshop will teach you everything you need to know about the squat. It comes with a full-colour online manual, which is emailed right after purchase.

Squat Movement

This squat workshop covers skeletal anatomy and its effect on the squat movement, soft tissue participation during squatting, muscles used during squatting, technique form and posture, injuries and issues associated with squatting, movement compensations, corrective exercises and stretches to increase squatting.

The Perfect Squat

The course also covers some squatting accessories and equipment, barbells squat, deep vs. shallow, other variations, assisted squatting, pros and cons, safety in exercise program design and which muscles tightness/weakness can interfere with a perfect squat  – and how to recognize issues.

In this squat workshop, we will discuss the safest and most effective ways to squat for the fitness participant who is looking to gain strength and improve technique while minimizing health and safety risks.

This online squat workshop includes:

  • 128 page, Full colour manual
  • Instructions
  • 45 Question Quiz

This continuing education course is emailed to you and is completed on-line. All of the Resources are included in your home study fee.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

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