Functional Exercise and Application On Line Workshop

Functional Exercise Trains Your Body for Daily Life Activities

Functional Training and Identifying Movement Patterns

This interesting and educational functional exercise workshop will give you the tools to identify postural problems, poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances in the most common exercises. Loaded with tons of full colour photos and an on-line tutorial, you will learn how you can help your clients achieve proper positioning to keep them safe, injury free and enhance their workout by trying lots of functional exercises that will help your clients get into the correct position for every exercise they do. This workshop is a must for every group fitness instructor and personal trainer. A good grasp of muscular anatomy is suggested.

Perfect Posture

Loaded with dozens of full colour photos and an on-line tutorial, this workshop will teach you the causes of poor posture, how to prevent it and how to correct it. You will learn about great exercises that help develop stronger postural muscles and better mobility. Perfect posture helps prevent headaches, neck and back pain & burning, and muscle imbalance. We’ll work on strengthening postural/core/balance muscles and stretching the tight ones that prevent you from having perfect posture! This workshop is a must for any fitness trainer to learn to recognize and fix poor postures on your clients.

Mechanics Of Stretching

An effective stretching program can increase your strength! This workshop covers: physiology, safety, mechanics, body awareness and types of stretching. A proper stretching program enhances breathing, circulation, better digestion and lymphatic system and promotes relaxation. This workshop has loads of full colour photos and shows effective stretches for the entire body. Every fitness instructor should take this course to benefit their clients with functional exercise!

Fabulous Fat Burning

As there is no such thing as a magic pill, we have to burn fat the old fashioned way. In this workshop you will learn how fat is utilized on your body and how to easily teach your clients the best ways to burn fat. This fun & interesting workshop is a must for all fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Once we have processed your workshop registration, you will receive the workshop in your email. You have access for 4 months from that date. Watch/read through the workshop at your leisure and then answer the questions at the end. The Function Exercise Workshops will take approximately 11 hours of study to complete. Once the answers are submitted you will receive the certificate. It’s that easy!



  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e. Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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