Guided Weekly Meditation Online

A Guided Group Experience

Year-Round Peace of Mind Group Meditation and Coaching Online

With Reiki Master & Life Coach Shehbaz

Want to stay peaceful, calm and confident throughout the year?

Find support as you navigate life week after week?

Sign up for this online series where we meet every week to check in how we are doing and have a guided meditation together. Celebrating life, supporting each other and feeling part of a welcoming, caring, understanding and loving tribe.

Introductory price $99 PER YEAR

Joining a like-minded group can be a valuable step towards healing and empowerment. Find support, comfort and encouragement. Share your stories if you want to, and hear what others are sharing.

Guided Weekly Group

Time:630 – 730 PM PDT

Day: Sundays (with some exceptions)

You will receive emailed instructions & calendar after registration



Pricing: $0.00$1,632.75