Build Maximal Strength

Unlock Your Strength Potential

Unlock Your Strength Potential with Our Maximal Strength Program

Welcome to our revolutionary maximal strength 12-week program, designed to effectively train the primary human movement patterns and maximize your strength capacity. This program targets the major muscle groups and emphasizes proper form and technique to help you achieve maximal strength gains. With our program, you can reach new levels of strength and achieve your fitness goals.

The Build Maximal Strength Program is rooted in the principles of periodization, employing both linear and undulating styles. Never boring! This program is far from monotonous, providing daily challenges to keep you engaged. By transitioning through hypertrophy and strength parameters, the program ensures progressive adaptations and maximal strength gains.

Build Maximal Strength Program includes:

  • individualized and detailed program
  • online or in-person consultation
  • Mid-program and end-of-program follow up analysis.

As programs are personalized, no two are identical. Therefore, a new program may be purchased when the previous one has been completed. The final analysis near the end of your current program will allow for seamless continuing into the next program.

Experience Results-Driven Workouts with Our Science-Based Training Program Developed by Chris Hughes

Welcome to our science-based training program, where all programming is designed based on the latest research to deliver positive and consistent results. Our approach is rooted in scientific principles and is tailored to each individual’s goals and fitness level. With this program, you can trust that every workout is backed by science and optimized for maximum results.

About Chris Hughes,
Masters of Exercise Science, Strength & Conditioning

Looking for a trainer who knows what works? Look no further than Chris Hughes! With over 16 years of experience writing programs for a wide range of clients and athletes, Chris Hughes is an expert in the field of strength and conditioning. As a certified coach and Infofit instructor, Chris has developed and presented numerous qualification courses and fitness certifications. He holds multiple personal trainer certifications and short course qualifications, making him a well-rounded and knowledgeable trainer.

When he’s not training clients, Chris enjoys playing hockey, baseball, and hiking with his family. With a focus on Olympic lifting and a passion for helping his clients achieve their goals, Chris is dedicated to accelerating your training progress. Get started with Chris today and experience the benefits of working with a true fitness professional!



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