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Article by Infofit

Shoulder Flexibility

Learn how to assess your shoulder girdle flexibility.

Shoulder Girdle Testing

The first test demonstrated is a shoulder girdle flexibility assessment for the Lat (i.e. Latissimus Dorsi) muscle, with a bio-mechanical overview and breakdown of the movement.

How To…

1. Start by lying on your back (on a mat for comfort) with your knees bent at 90*
2. Place feet flat on ground, arms in a vertical position to the ground
3. Lower both arms overhead and towards the floor, lock your elbows into place, and make sure that your lower back is flat to the ground in order to get proper test results

Note: Beware of the movement compensations such as bending at the elbows, over-arching the lower back, and/or dropping the elbows laterally to the ground.


Exercise Recommendations
This is a continuation of the shoulder girdle flexibility test for the Lat Muscle (i.e. Shoulder Flex I Video), with an exercise recommendation to increase one’s range of motion (ROM).

How To…
Start by following the recommended protocols suggested in the Shoulder Flex I video
Begin with a light rod (eg, broom stick) and mimic an overhead press while putting pressure on the ground with the back of the hands and keeping the lower back flat.

Client’s with good neck ROM may not need a padded support under their head
Floor-Slidders are a recommended exercise to help the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi) to disengage and allow the shoulders to move through a wider range of motion.

André Noël Potvin, MSc, CES, CSCS, TFL, is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Owner of Infofit, North America’s Premier School for Fitness Professionals