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Article by Portia Phelps

Mastering Your Personal Training Interview

Prepare for your personal training interview with confidence! Discover essential do’s, don’ts, and insights into the interview process to ace your next opportunity.

The Do’s of Your Personal Training Interview

Entering a personal training interview with the right mindset and preparation can make all the difference in securing your dream position.

Here are some essential do’s to guide you through the process:

  • Arrive on Time (10 Minutes Early): Punctuality shows respect for the interviewer’s time and demonstrates your reliability. Personal Training is a business where you need to be on time for your clients.
  • Show Your Personality: Let your true self shine through. Clients want to connect with a personal trainer they feel comfortable with.
  • Demonstrate Passion: Express your genuine enthusiasm for health, fitness, and helping others reach their goals.
  • Give Honest Availability: Transparency about your schedule sets realistic expectations from the start.
  • Display Willingness to Learn: Emphasize your eagerness to expand your knowledge and skills in the field.
  • Research the Gym or Studio: Show that you’ve done your homework by understanding the company’s values, services, and target clientele. The best way to do this is buy checking out their website and social media channels.
  • Come Prepared with Questions: This demonstrates your interest in the position and helps you gather valuable insights about the company culture and expectations.
  • Dress Professionally: First impressions matter. Dressing professionally shows that you take the opportunity seriously and respect the professional environment.

The Don’ts of Your Personal Training Interview

Avoiding common pitfalls during your interview is crucial to presenting yourself in the best light possible.

Here are some don’ts to steer clear of:

  • Don’t Be Late: Tardiness reflects poorly on your reliability and commitment.
  • Avoid Overconfidence or Arrogance: Confidence is essential, but arrogance can be off-putting. Strike a balance by showcasing your skills without boasting.
  • Dress Poorly: Your appearance reflects your professionalism. Dress neatly and appropriately for the occasion.
  • Don’t Talk Yourself Down: Highlight your strengths and accomplishments rather than focusing on weaknesses.
  • Don’t Overpromise Availability: Be realistic about your schedule to avoid future conflicts or disappointments.
  • Navigating the Interview Process: Understanding the interview process can alleviate anxiety and help you prepare effectively. While specific procedures may vary from club to club, here’s a general overview:
  • Job Posting: Keep an eye on platforms like, Craigslist, and the company website for job postings.
  • Pre-Interview Intake Form: Upon selection, you may be asked to complete a pre-interview intake form where you’ll provide details about your availability, goals, and experience.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: During this stage, showcase your personality, skills, and career aspirations. Dress in business casual attire and come prepared with thoughtful questions. Here are some examples what career advancements can I expect working here? What CEC opportunities do you offer for staff?
  • Practical Interview: Wear clean, professional athletic attire for the practical interview. Expect to undergo a movement assessment and possibly train a staff member while being assessed by the fitness manager.

By following these guidelines and understanding the interview process, you’ll be well-equipped to make a lasting impression and secure your desired position in the world of personal training. Good Luck!