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Article by Infofit

Formula for Capturing and Maintaining Long-term Personal Training Clients

Great tips to ensure your existing personal training clients continue to train with you for years to come.

Keep you current personal training clients long term

In order for you to experience long-term success as a personal trainer, the secret is not in how many new clients you can get, but rather how many of your current clients you can keep long term. Below is a powerful formula of great tips you can use to ensure your existing personal training clients continue to train with you for years to come.

Keep Connected and Provide Support

Staying connected with and supportive of clients between training sessions is essential for personal trainers wanting to enhance their client-trainer relationships and success. This works particularly well for clients who are serious about reaching their long term fitness goals.  Making friendly “checking in” phone calls; providing tailored homework assignments of easy to do workout routines or reading material on nutrition, are excellent ways to stay connected and supportive. This additional “outside the gym” client care adds value to your client-trainer relationship and ensures your clients stick to their fitness goals and to you as their trusted personal trainer.

Keep Processing of Purchases or Payments Simple

Trainers are best to use online, cloud based, administration management systems such as Volo to simplify the processing of purchases, renewal payments and scheduling of personal training sessions. These systems can be accessed anywhere and function on most hardware (iPad, computers etc.).

Never Let Distance Become a Barrier

You have a determined client who adamantly follows your prescriptive workout and nutrition program; but just took a new job that requires living out of a suitcase two weeks a month. This doesn’t mean the end of a great business relationship. Use the latest technology to stay connected while apart. Skype, Zoom, Face Time and Google Hangouts are free services that are excellent for helping you stay in touch with your client.  They allow you to perform live coaching sessions and make it easy to demonstrate new exercises or motivate your client.   This use of technology demonstrates how committed you are to seeing your client succeed. In return, your client will continue to use your service for years to come.

Keep Your Pricing Innovative

Have you ever come across an individual who wanted to be your client, but couldn’t afford anything more than $50 a month? By offering her a $50 a month online training subscription, you can provide monthly workout routines, track her progress and motivate her to remain consistent.  Just imagine the amount of clients you could sign up for your new $50/month coaching package? If you want to grow income, you will need to grow your client base. As your personal training price point lowers, and you expand your geographic area, your pool of buyers widens.