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Article by INFOFIT

Choose Infofit. Secure Your Path to a Rewarding Fitness Career!

In the realm of fitness education, Infofit stands as a trustworthy and accredited institution that prioritizes the success of its students.

Infofit Offers a Level of Assurance and Transparency

When it comes to pursuing a career in fitness, selecting the right school can make all the difference in your educational journey and future prospects. Infofit stands out as a beacon of reliability and credibility in the fitness education landscape. Designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) Branch of the Ministry of Education and Education Quality Assurance (EQA), Infofit offers a level of assurance and transparency that sets it apart from other institutions. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why attending a school like Infofit, with these accreditations, may be a smarter choice compared to others.

1.      Class Consistency and Communication: One of the significant advantages of choosing Infofit is the assurance that your classes will not be canceled. Unlike other institutions that may cancel classes, Infofit prioritizes clear communication and consistency in scheduling. This ensures that students can plan their studies and other commitments with confidence.

2.      Transparent Refund Policy and Clear Pricing: Infofit takes pride in its commitment to transparency. The school provides a detailed refund policy, offering students clarity on their financial commitments. Moreover, all prices are readily available on the website, eliminating any ambiguity or hidden costs that may arise with other institutions. This transparency is crucial for students making informed decisions about their education investment.

3.      Recognized and Approved by the BCRPA: Infofit’s approval and recognition by the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) add an extra layer of credibility to its programs. Attending a school not recognized by BCRPA may limit your career opportunities, as BCRPA does not acknowledge and recognize courses from non-approved institutions. Infofit’s BCRPA approval opens doors to employment at community centers and ensures that the courses align with industry standards. Completion of a program from Infofit is recognized and respected within the recreation and parks industry in British Columbia. Employers value Infofit’s graduates.

4. Recognized by the American Council on Exercise (ACE): Infofit is approved and recognized by ACE. Infofit is the only School in British Columbia to be designated as an ACE Education Partner. As a graduate of Infofit you will be recognized and respected in the fitness industry. Employers often prefer candidates who have received education from ACE-approved institutions. Choosing an ACE-approved fitness school, ensures that you receive a quality education, are well-prepared for certification exams, and align with industry standards.

5.      Job Placement Assistance: Infofit goes beyond providing education; it actively supports its students in securing employment. The school offers job placement assistance, helping graduates bridge the gap between education and professional opportunities. This additional support enhances the value of Infofit’s programs and sets students on a path to a successful career in fitness.

6.      Financial Support and Recognition: Infofit understands the financial aspects of pursuing education. The school accepts various forms of financial support, including RESPs and student loans. Additionally, Infofit’s courses are tax-deductible, providing students with potential financial benefits. This flexibility showcases Infofit’s commitment to making quality fitness education accessible to a broader audience.

7. Comprehensive Curriculum: Infofit offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential aspects of fitness education, including exercise science, program design, nutrition, and client interaction. This well-rounded education prepares students for the diverse challenges they may encounter in the field.

8. Continuing Education Support: Infofit offers continuing education opportunities and resources to help fitness professionals stay current with industry trends and advancements. This ongoing support is essential for maintaining and updating skills throughout your fitness career.

BCRPA, ACE,  PTIB and EQA Designations

In the realm of fitness education, Infofit stands as a trustworthy and accredited institution that prioritizes the success of its students. The PTIB and EQA designations, along with ACE and BCRPA approval, distinguish Infofit from other options. The school’s commitment to clear communication, transparent policies, job placement assistance, and financial flexibility make it a reliable choice for those aspiring to build a rewarding career in the fitness industry. Choose Infofit for a secure and well-rounded fitness education experience.