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Article by Infofit

Fat-loss vs Weight-loss

Are looking for weight-loss or fat-loss secrets?

A personal trainer can tailor a scientifically proven weight-loss exercise nutrition program

During the new year, if you are like most people, you are looking for weight-loss or fat-loss secrets. A personal trainer can tailor a scientifically proven weight-loss exercise nutrition program to help you reach those goals.  Should you try the latest fad diet, or buy that new hip looking workout from a TV ad, what most people are really wanting, is to lose weight. For people to successfully lose the fat, it is important to have a full understanding the science of what really happens inside your body.

The science of what really happens inside your body

The Law of Conservation of Mass states “matter is neither created nor destroyed, but it may alter its form through chemical reaction.” So how does this relate to fat-loss? Well, based on the above, it is saying that we don’t really lose the fat in our bodies, it merely changes form.

Our inner transportation system, known as the bloodstream delivers nutrients. Gases are exchanged and the body delivers much needed energy to the working muscles. Our primary energy currency in the body is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), once that has run out we harness the power of glucose and after that, fat takes over.

As we are processing the fat to be used for energy, we are breaking it down into triglycerides where the fatty acids leave the fat cells and then break up into their respective components and enter the bloodstream for use. The liver then catches the glycerol to break down for energy while the fatty acids move to the muscles to be used for energy as well.

Once the triglycerides are inside the muscle, or liver cells, they are shuffled around to harness their energy; this produces heat, water, carbon dioxide and ATP. If the ATP is not needed at that moment, it is stored for future use, while the water exits our body as sweat and urine, and we then exhale the carbon dioxide.

If we think about the amount of work it takes for our body to produce energy from 1 molecule of fat, just think about how much of a workout or exercise we need to do break down sufficient fat for us to notice? We also need to remember adequate nutrition. We need to eat appropriately for this to happen as well so that we are not replacing those fat cells with more. It is quite simple that proper nutrition and moderate to vigorous exercise helps us lose fat for weight-loss. If you are new to exercise, please remember to seek the advice of an experienced personal trainer in developing an exercise and a nutrition plan that is appropriate to achieve weight-loss.