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What is Optimal Nutrition?

In a time of overwhelming complexity in the nutritional product marketplace, how do we decide how what and when to eat? What is Optimal Nutrition?  Most people know they need to get all of the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids but it can be hard to decide what food sources to use in order to accomplish this. In this talk we’ll learn about the benefits of using hypoallergenic and adaptogenic foods to easily lose weight, shorten recovery time and improve overall performance.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss the most tried and tested method of losing weight – calorie restriction. While some people have an easier time with “just don’t eat that” than others, the willpower approach doesn’t often work (or at least produce lasting results). After years of experiencing my own weight fluctuations, I discovered a ‘secret’ to maintaining a healthy weight long after my ‘weight-loss diet’ was over. The ‘secret’ was consuming foods (at a particular time of day) that acted as mild appetite suppressants – keeping my caloric intake low. During this talk I’ll share some of the most satiating foods that are my ‘cheat codes’ for keeping calories down whether you’re on a diet or not.

Muscle recovery has become somewhat of a mystery for many gym-goers. While many claim to have discovered the holy grail of muscle recovery in their protein powders, there’s not currently any evidence-based research to support a predictable way to shorten recovery time. However, we will look at the top techniques used by athletes who’ve anecdotally seen reduced recovery times between sessions and explore how to refine the process in your own regimen.

Improve Performance

Adaptogens are natural substances that help an organism adapt to and avoid damage from environmental stressors. Simply put, they help us increase our ability to adapt to stress, improving our performance. Russian athletes, who believe these herbs give them a competitive advantage, have been using adaptogens for decades. While there have been thousands of papers published on adaptogens, there is one aspect of the adaptogenic model that has remained elusive since it was first described 70 years ago – why do these plants exhibit this adaptogenic quality? After having studied adaptogens for several years I started to notice a common theme in adaptogenic herbs – resilience. Without exception, plants that have been classified as adaptogens are known for their ability to survive in harsh environments, with some even preferring to grow in challenging ecosystems. As I considered this I began to discover that the mechanism of adaptogenic plants must stem from (no pun intended) their ability to survive in stressful environments. Listen to this podcast to learn about the top adaptogens!

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