Muscle Imbalance, Muscle Testing and Correction

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Muscle imbalance is the combination of a ‘tight,’ over-active muscle and one that is less active. Testing muscles is a crucial and effective way to determine muscle imbalances. During a muscle test, a practitioner applies a force to one muscle or group of muscles, with a particular intent in mind. The muscle is then labelled “weak” or “strong” based on its ability to resist this force. Because it is a common cause of injury, pain, and disability, the use of muscle testing is an important tool.

During this webinar Dr Gaskin will discuss:

  • Common muscle imbalances in clients and how to detect these
  • Different ways to accomplish muscle testing and what the results mean
  • Understanding how muscle imbalances impact the myofascial chains they’re connected to, and how this can lead to injury
  • Signs that a muscle imbalance is “more” than a muscle imbalance, and when to refer to a healthcare professional
  • Rehab exercises that help to correct imbalances



  • Certified Personal Trainer

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