High-Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes Online Course

Discover practical guidance in “High-Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes,” fueling active lifestyles for those over 35. Uncover changes in physiological needs, evolving results, and the science of optimal fueling for training and competition. Explore guidelines for carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake, along with insights on hydration, preventing under fueling risks, and promoting nutrition for optimal recovery.

The course includes:

1. High-Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes eBook:
Tailored for athletes over 35, discover insights into changing physiological needs, fueling strategies, and nutritional guidance. Uncover the science behind carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake, hydration, and recovery for optimal athletic performance.

2. Online Continuing Education Exam:
Certified professionals can enhance their knowledge with the companion CE exam, earning valuable continuing education credits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe changing nutritional needs in Masters athletes.
  • Define sarcopenia and its implications.
  • Understand hormone roles in appetite and nutrition.
  • Explore nutrition’s role in preventing diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.
  • Interpret relevant research findings for Masters athletes.
  • Summarize optimal intake levels for carbohydrate, protein, fat, and fluid.
  • Discuss supplement benefits and appropriateness.
  • Recognize signs of disordered eating and under fueling.
  • Describe fueling requirements for pre competition, competition, and recovery.

Elevate your expertise in nutrition for Masters athletes and stay at the forefront of high-performance training!



  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e., Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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ACE: 1.0

ACSM: 10

ISSA: 10

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