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Fitness Testing Package

Are you doing the work but not seeing the results? Then book with an Infofit Elite Personal Trainer for our specialized fitness testing package and get faster results with less training. Our highly specialized program will help you lose inches with less effort and surpass your past best results. Our Fitness Testing Package Includes:

• Consultation with a Clinical Exercise Specialist We review your profile to determine the best approach to your customized training

• Resting Metabolic Rate Test We measure your caloric expenditure and oxygen to carbon-dioxide use so you can maximize your weight loss and increase muscle definition.

• Cardiovascular Aerobic Fitness Sub-Max Test (VO2) Save hours of training time and effort by training smarter and not harder.

If you want to learn how to get the maximum results in minimum time, book with one of our ACSM, BCRPA or ACE certified exercise specialists today.



Pricing: $262.50