Exercise Ideas for Fitness Professionals Part 2

Part 2

Exercise Ideas for Fitness Professional Part 2

Awesome Abs Workshop/ Advanced Core Stability

This workshop is loaded with dozens of full-colour photos that will help you have stronger abdominal/core muscles. Regular sit-ups don’t work to develop all the abdominal muscles! Learn tons of new ways to work your abdominals that will turn yours into a six-pack. Exercises include ball and mat work. It is core stability you are looking for this workshop will give you lots of ideas for injury and pain prevention, great posture and super abdominals. If you are working in the fitness industry this workshop is a must.

Better Butts (developing Exercises for the Muscles of the leg/thigh)

This workshop will help you design the most effective leg and butt exercises. The anatomy of the gluteal and hip area is discussed. Better Butts workshop is loaded with dozens of full-colour photos so you can learn great exercises to teach your fitness participants.

Total Body Tubing

With over 40 exercises and dozens of full-colour photos, you will learn tons of new exercises, many using more than one tube (multi-joint/COMBO exercises)! We have many types of exercise equipment available to use but the tube is inexpensive,
portable and can work just about every muscle in the body. This workshop is a must for group fitness instructors, Personal Trainers or fitness participants!

Exercise Ball

With the ball, you can work not only the abdominals but just about every other muscle in your body. All exercises shown are from beginner to advanced so you can teach all your clients, no matter what their fitness level. The ball is one of the best fitness tools ever invented! Loaded with dozens of full-colour photos, you’ll get tons of new ideas for using the ball!

Once we have processed your workshop registration, you will receive the workshop in your email. You have access any time for 4 months from your purchase date. Watch/read through the workshop at your leisure and then answer the questions at the end. There is approximately 10 hours of study for the workshop – you can do it at your own pace. Once the answers are submitted you will receive the certificate. It’s that easy!



  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e. Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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