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Design Running Programs, Prevent Injuries, and Build Stronger Runners

Struggling to design effective running programs and prevent injuries for your clients? Elevate your coaching skills with our exclusive webinar led by Dr. Katie Gaskin. Join us for a power-packed session where we dive deep into the science of running program design, injury prevention strategies, and strength-building techniques.

In this webinar, Dr. Katie Gaskin will guide you through the intricacies of crafting personalized running programs tailored to your clients’ race goals and fitness levels. Gain valuable insights into incorporating various types of runs, such as fartleks, intervals, and hill repeats, to optimize performance and minimize injury risk.

Discover the importance of strength training for runners and learn how to integrate targeted exercises into your clients’ training plans to build stronger, more resilient runners. Additionally, Dr. Katie Gaskin will cover common running injuries and their role in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Ready to take your coaching to the next level?

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  • Webinar is free for anyone to attend
  • To obtain a continuing education credit you will need to be registered with BCRPA or ACSM

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