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Senior Fitness Specialist Program

Design Fitness Programs Tailored to The Senior Population

As the senior population keeps flourishing, the need for fitness professionals who understand and support this wonderful demographic is greater than ever.

Here’s why you should be part of this rewarding journey:

  1. Seniors Are Special: Seniors deserve fitness programs tailored to their unique needs, which include age-related changes and potential health considerations. Be the personal trainer who brings them safe, effective, and enjoyable workouts.
  2. Safety and Support: Seniors may be more susceptible to injuries and health concerns during exercise. Equip yourself with the knowledge to create workouts that not only reduce these risks but also provide the warm, nurturing atmosphere seniors deserve.
  3. Your Career, Your Way: By specializing in senior fitness, you open doors to a world of opportunities. Expand your horizons as a personal trainer and watch your career flourish.

Expand Your Career Horizons

Make a personal impact and expand your career horizons by becoming a senior fitness specialist.

Join our Senior Fitness Workshop (6 hours) and gain expertise in conducting assessments, exercise program design, and the practical application of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model for working with the older adult population. In this comprehensive workshop, participants will develop an understanding of the role that delivering effective assessments and program design plays in facilitating behavior change.  You will learn how to apply the principles of the ACE FT model to exercise program design that empowers and guide adults as they embark on their journey to enhance their lifestyle through fitness.

Physical fitness plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for seniors. A knowledgeable trainer can help seniors improve their mobility, balance, strength, and overall well-being, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Leave with the knowledge and confidence needed to guide older adults toward healthier, more active lives.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  1. Uncover the Advantages: Understand the general benefits of assessments and customized exercise programs for your clients in the senior demographic. Seniors may be hesitant to engage in fitness activities due to concerns about their age and health. A knowledgeable trainer can build trust by demonstrating an understanding of their specific needs and providing a supportive environment.
  2. Motivation Matters: Delve into the critical factors that impact motivation and adherence when embarking on an exercise journey. Seniors may face unique psychological barriers to exercise, such as a lack of confidence or motivation. A trainer with expertise in this field can provide the necessary encouragement and motivation to help seniors overcome these challenges.
  3. Personalized Fitness: Learn how to skillfully conduct assessments and tailor exercise programs that suit your senior clients’ unique needs. Personal trainers skilled in working with seniors can create individualized fitness plans that cater to their clients’ abilities, goals, and limitations, ensuring that exercise is both enjoyable and effective.
  4. ACE IFT Model in Action: Develop and implement progressively challenging exercise programs with the ACE IFT Model, supporting your senior clients on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

Empower yourself to make a positive impact on the lives of older adults seeking to enhance their well-being through exercise. Join us at our Senior Fitness Workshop and take this step towards becoming a knowledgeable and effective fitness professional in the senior fitness sector.

For those that want to continue on and Become an ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

This workshop is the in-person step in your journey to becoming an ACE Senior Fitness Specialist and plays a pivotal role in your training.

Why is the in-person workshop essential?

  1. Hands-On Experience: The workshop provides you with hands-on experience and practical knowledge that is essential for working effectively with senior clients. You will have the opportunity to apply the theory and concepts you’ve learned during the program.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors will guide you through various exercises, techniques, and strategies for working with senior individuals. They will share their expertise and insights to help you become a more knowledgeable and confident fitness specialist.
  3. Interaction and Networking: The in-person workshop offers a unique chance to connect with your fellow program attendees, share experiences, and build a supportive network within the fitness industry.
  4. Assessment and Feedback: During the workshop, you will undergo assessments to ensure you have a solid grasp of the material covered in the program. This feedback is invaluable in gauging your progress and making necessary improvements.

Please Note:

This Senior Fit Workshop serves as a foundational module, offering essential information and skills. To attain the ACE Senior Fitness Specialist, attendees are required to complete the remaining online content, which covers a comprehensive range of topics in senior fitness.

This workshop is the practical element of the specialist course for those who wish to continue on and complete the rest of the online course..


Andre Noel Potvin

Meet André Noël Potvin, MSc, ACE-CPT, BCRPA-TFL, an internationally accredited author, fitness educator, and medical exercise specialist with an impressive 35 year track record in leadership and clinical experience. Holding a Master of Science degree in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of British Columbia, André served on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics for four years, contributing significantly to the academic landscape.

As the founding president and owner of INFOFIT Fitness Career College, since 1989, André is dedicated to enhancing the quality of leadership in the health and fitness industry. His commitment to education is evident in his role as a frequent lecturer at international public and professional conferences, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Philosophy: For André, teaching is not just a profession but a passion. His career purpose revolves around enriching the health and fitness industry by providing students with the knowledge, training, and resources necessary to pursue their career dreams. As a true educator, he takes on the responsibility of developing educational literature, seminars, and courses that are not only informative, up-to-date, and well-researched but also entertaining.



  • Basic English comprehension
  • Personal Trainer
  • A passion for Fitness

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