Improve Your Posture and Remain Pain Free

The Pain, Posture and Function Analysis (PPFA) testing details any musculoskeletal and structural weak links commonly associated with injury or chronic pain to the back, neck, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders.

Our Clinical Exercise Specialist, Andre Noel Potvin Msc., will perform this two hour assessment which includes a 1.5 hour evaluation and a 30 minute exercise session that will teach you how to maximize results while minimizing your risk for injury and help you remain functionally independent.

Injury Claim Reporting – Full Medical Report for Injury Claim

Also, should you require a medical report for your injury claim, Andre will write a detailed injury report and a specially designed exercise prescription in conjunction with your medical professional. This will allow you to return to being functional with continued joint and muscle pain reduction at each new phase.

Infofit Exercise Specialists

Did you know your current training methods could be accelerating your muscular imbalances and joint degeneration process? Infofit’s Elite Personal Fitness specialists will design an exercise program based on the results of your fitness tests. We will ensure you receive the most personalized and precise program.

More Information?

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