Ryan Omeasoo

Ryan Omeasoo


My journey has been deeply fulfilling and rewarding

Introducing the amazing Ryan Omeasoo, Ryan graduated from Infofit’s Fast Track Course, since graduating Ryan has started his own business FighterFITX.

Over the past 13 years, Ryan has developed an unwavering passion for his work, and he gets a profound sense of satisfaction from the individuals he has had the privilege to guide and support. This commitment extends beyond traditional fitness training; for the past 18 years, he has also imparted his expertise as a kickboxing instructor. The fusion of martial arts principles with physical conditioning has resonated deeply with his clients, resulting in a uniquely effective and engaging approach to their wellness journey.

Ryan is resolute in his determination to remain on this path of promoting fitness and overall well-being. The legacy of FighterFITX is something he is committed to ensuring its enduring impact for generations to come.

Ryan has been nominated for the BC Aboriginal Award which speaks to the recognition of his efforts within the fitness and entrepreneurial spheres. Looking ahead, he is determined to secure victory in the upcoming season of the Bear’s Lair competition. These achievements signify the culmination of years of dedication and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in his chosen career.