Janine Horsley

Janine Horsley

Aspiring Physical Therapist

Infofit helped me transform my passion for exercise and living a healthy lifestyle into a business!

Meet Janine Horsley, a fitness enthusiast turned successful fitness entrepreneur and aspiring physical therapist. Janine’s journey began when she enrolled in the Weekend Fast Track course at Infofit. This course laid the foundation for her fitness career, equipping her with essential skills and knowledge.

But Janine didn’t stop there. She went on to complete Infofit’s Apprenticeship Training Program which added valuable practical experience to her toolkit. Building on her education, Janine dedicated herself to rigorous training for several months, preparing for the WBFF bikini fitness competition. Her hard work paid off, as she not only excelled but also secured her pro card. This experience exposed her to diverse training and nutrition cycles, enriching her understanding of fitness strategies.

Using her expertise, Janine embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by offering mobile training with Fitness on the Go. Starting in 2013, she worked with a range of clients in their homes. Her dedication and results led her to become a regional general manager for the company by 2015. However, Janine’s ambitions led her to establish her own mobile training business in 2016, primarily relying on word of mouth and networking for clientele.

As her business flourished, Janine decided to pursue a Kinesiology degree at UBC in 2019. This decision opened doors to a plethora of opportunities. She became a pivotal figure at the Ageing, Mobility, and Cognitive Research Lab, leading exercise classes for seniors with cognitive decline. Janine also volunteered at Kids Physio Group, where she worked tirelessly to enhance the lives of children and youth with various disabilities. Additionally, she collaborated with the Residence for Independent Living Society, supporting adults with disabilities to improve their quality of life.

Furthermore, Janine displayed her commitment to education by tutoring a visually impaired UBC student in adapting exercises for different populations. Her dedication to continuous learning and making a positive impact led her to pursue a Master of Physical Therapy program at UBC, commencing in September 2023.

Janine’s reach extended beyond physical locations; she adapted to the pandemic by transitioning to online training. Her experiences allowed her to effectively cater to different learning styles using verbal and kinesthetic cues. This agility ensured her clients’ progress even in challenging times.

Reflecting on her journey, Janine acknowledges the transformative role Infofit played in her career. It laid the groundwork for her passion for exercise and health to evolve into a thriving business. The program not only taught her the importance of safe exercise practices but also honed her ability to guide clients through fundamental movement patterns while creating engaging routines.


Janine Horsley