Barketing Manager

Introducing Duke, our Barketing Manager extraordinaire!

With an unbeatable tail-wagging approach to barketing, Duke fetches attention like no other. Whether it’s leading impromptu paw parades or setting new trends in fetching, his paw-sitive energy is simply infectious.

When not crafting the next paw-some campaign, Duke loves giving warm welcomes at the door and brainstorming (snoozing!) under the sun. He is also a connoisseur of treats and a social media whiz.

If you see him around, don’t forget to give him a friendly ear scratch! 🐾🐶🎈


My philosophy in life is to have fun, eat a lot of treats, lie in the sun, wag my tail and jump on desks. I am passionate about fitness especially running on the beach!

Professional Accreditation

  • Treat Enthusiast
  • Professional Desk Jumper
  • Professional Cuddler
Duke headshot