Unique opportunity for an Infofit Graduate to get experience in either the
fitness and/or martial arts industry! 

This position is open to personal trainers or group instructors looking to

·        Boot camps

·        HIIT classes 

·        High energy cardio/conditioning-based

As well as:

·        Boxing classes

·        Kickboxing classes 

·        Grappling/BJJ/MMA classes 

The position is part time with both set and flexible hours available. We
offer competitive wages and plenty of room for growth with our company. 

Applicants must be professional, punctual, and most importantly have a great
attitude and be open towards learning. We take amazing care of our staff and
have employees who have been with us for years. Apply today! 

*Also includes free training at our facility, and an opportunity for you to
train clients or run your own additional classes during hours when our studio
is not being used.