Older Adult Fitness

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Understanding Older Adult Fitness

The Older Adult Fitness Online Module represents an extensive and enlightening course meticulously crafted to equip fitness instructors who have previously completed a specialty module (such as Group Fitness, Weight Training, Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Pilates with BCRPA*) with the necessary knowledge and skills to guide seniors through a secure and efficient fitness regimen. Aging is accompanied by a myriad of physiological and psychological transformations, and this module delves into understanding these changes comprehensively.

Exploring Aging and Its Effects on Physical Health

Participants will gain insights into the impact of aging on crucial bodily systems including the heart, lungs, muscles, and soft tissues,  how these changes influence factors such as flexibility, strength, and metabolism in individuals. By mastering the principles and techniques outlined in this course, fitness professionals will be empowered to optimize the training sessions for the seniors they work with, facilitating the attainment of their fitness goals with utmost safety and effectiveness. This course is an online course, everything will be emailed after purchase.

Contents of the course:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Aging and What It Means
Chapter 3: Screening and Assessments
Chapter 4: Understanding & Motivating Older Adults
Chapter 5: Health Disorders & Issues Specific to Older Adults
Chapter 6: Leadership Skills & Objectives of a Fitness Program for Seniors
Chapter 7: Program Planning
Chapter 8: Ensuring Class Safety
Chapter 9: Nutrition
Chapter 10: Where to From Here?
Scope of Practice

*you can still complete the course if you are not a fitness professional registered with BCRPA.



  • BCRPA Registered in on the following options Group Fitness, Weight Training, Personal Training, Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Pilates or a
  • Certified Fitness Professional (i.e., Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness or another fitness related certification)

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ACSM: 20


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Pricing: $376.95

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