Yes, Infofit is an eligible institution. You can see the list here. Infofit is an eligible institution for the Canada Training Credit. You can see more information on the Canada Training Credit here.
Your status will be updated in your Fitness Registry account. Once you are updated you are eligible to teach Group Fitness classes.
Please wear comfortable gym attire.
You can complete your ICE via video, we would send you further information upon request.
Yes, if you need help with the practical portion please book a tutoring session, we can go over the practical components of the ICE. Tutoring is $65 per hour.
The cost of the ICE is $157.50 for Infofit Students and $204.75 for non Infofit Students. You will need to pay on the day that you submit your ICE package.
Yes, you will, your evaluator will email BCRPA after the ICE to let them know you have passed. BCRPA will update your status to Group Fitness Leader.
Your ICE will be 2 hours. Show up 15-minutes early for your ICE to prepare your music and equipment to be used (Infofit will provide the equipment) You are to demonstrate a 30-minute class that has a: 5-minute warm-up section with your introduction 10- minute cardio section 10-minute Muscular conditioning section 5-minute stretching section
You are to demonstrate a 30-minute class that has a:1. 5-minute warm-up section with your introduction2. 10- minute cardio section3. 10-minute Muscular conditioning section4. 5-minute stretching section You will need to bring 1-2 participants for your ICE.
Your practical portion will be held at Infofit, if you are doing your ICE with another evaluator, they will provide you with details on the gym/studio they will be using.
Once you have completed the ICE package you can contact Infofit to schedule the practical portion of the ICE. You will need to hand in your completed ICE package to Infofit, mail it in or scan (we will charge you for printing). We will book your ICE 5 business days after receiving the completed ICE Package.
You will need to complete the BCRPA ICE Package, which can be found here, under Group Fitness. Form A – Is your cover sheet and it has a checklist to follow so you complete and hand in all the correct forms. Form B2 – You must obtain 8 hours of practical teaching time, and record the information on this sheet.
Once you are either registered with BCRPA as a Group Fitness leader or with ACE as a Group Fitness Instructor you will be able to teach Group exercise classes, privately or at a facility.