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Article by Infofit

Working Your Injuries With a Foam Roller

Foam roller is a highly effective way to break up adhesion’s

Foam Roller – a Highly Effective Way to Break Up Adhesion’s

Did you know that using a foam roller is an inexpensive way to provide self massage?  It’s not as good as a “hands-on” massage from a  licensed massage therapist, but in post injury exercise rehabilitation, the proper utilization of a foam roller is a highly effective way to break up adhesion’s in the muscle tissue and/or fascia. Using foam rollers can help you recover faster and keep your muscles ready to train.

Almost Magical

In layman’s terms, other than stretching while  warming up  the almost magical foam roller is the best way to eliminate and prevent muscle knots by breaking up the adhesion’s in the soft tissue and aids in decreasing trigger points from forming and brings blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow will bring nutrients and assist in repairing damaged muscle that your last workout may have caused.

To learn more moves and check out the Great Foam Roller Handbook, one of the Great Exercise Handbook series, written by Andre Noel Potvin. Available from Productive fitness, for download or hard copy.

Productive fitness are a multi-functional fitness tool, and can be used for stretching, myofacial release as well as, to train balance and strength.

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