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Article by Infofit

Weight Training Can Cut Your Risk of Diabetes

An effective blood sugar management alternative

Weight Training Ideal for Diabetes

Weight training is the best practice for strengthening muscles, regulating blood pressure and keeping bones healthy. These movements benefit mostly the mitochondria packed slow twitched dark muscle fibers.  The are the core strength behind endurance athletes, driving them to power through long workouts.

In a recent research published in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists from the Life Sciences Institute at the University of Michigan found that fast twitched white muscle fibers are found predominantly among sprinters and swimmers. Where short bursts of energy are critical, they may take a primary role in keeping blood sugar in check.

Response of Insulin Leads to a Ideal Situation for Diabetes

For sometime it is believed that the shifts from red to white muscle fibers can be harmful, due to the dependence of glucose and possible insulin resistance. As people age, fast twitched white muscle fibers become more prevalent and the body starts to rely more on glucose for energy. Cells can be overwhelmed by the high levels of sugar and failed response of insulin leads to a ideal situation for diabetes.

Effective Safe Blood Sugar Management Alternative

Although it has not been proven and remains somewhat controversial, there is a good correlation between the cause and effect relationship with diabetes and white muscle fiber. certified personal trainer can provide an effective safe blood sugar management alternative by building white muscle fibers with monitored weight training activities. This will produce the same effect, to control the insulin resistance and high glucose levels that cause diabetes.