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Article by Infofit

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips!

Shed the Excess Weight With These Weight Loss Tips

Its after the holidays, and we have all had a holiday season full of festive parties with great food. This has resulted in a few extra pounds that we are not used to carrying. It is time to get back into our normal routine to shed the excess weight. Here are some simple strategies to jump-start the weight loss progress.

Water is Important for Weight Loss

1) Hydration
Did you know the human body is made up of 50-75% water? Water is crucial to maintaining several functions in our bodies such as digestion, removing waste products, lubrication of our joints, and preventing dehydration. It is recommended that we consume 1.5-2 Liters of water per day and increasing that number by 33 ml of water per kg of body mass to replace what was lost through sweat during exercise.

2) Fiber
Fiber is fantastic at removing toxins from our bodies, and assisting our digestive tract. It can be found in a wide variety of healthy foods such as oatmeal, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as legumes. Try adding a few high fiber foods to your diet to help rid your body of the toxins you picked up from the holiday season, your body will thank you for it.

3) Diet
Over the holidays we let our regular diet fall by the way side.  The extra alcohol, sweets, and fatty foods have put extra stress on your liver. Incorporating foods that are fresh, homemade and have antioxidant properties can help you get on the weight loss track. Try incorporating mushrooms, Kelp, Turmeric, Green Tea, or citrus fruit to assist with detoxification and support your liver.

4) Supplementation
Truestar’s TrueDETOX and Cleanse is a great product as a gentle and natural detox supplement. This will help to detoxify our organs. But don’t think of it as a cleanse or a flush as it is much more gentle on your system.

5) Sleep
This is often overlooked as far as importance in our overall health.  If we are not getting sufficient rest, our bodies do not have the opportunity to regenerate and recover from our hectic lives. Do not omit your beauty sleep, it will do you a world of good.

Weight Loss Tips That Will Do You a World of Good