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Article by Infofit

Understanding Food Additives

Should food additives really “add” value to your food?

Do Food Additives Really “add” Value to Food?

For centuries food additives have been used to prolong shelf life and enhance the appearance and improve flavour of food. But do these food additives really “add” value to your food?

While food additives ease processing, packaging and storage, how do we know what is in that box of cereal. And why does it have such a long shelf life?

90% of Food Shopping Budget on Processed Foods!

Typical North American household spends about 90% of their food shopping budget on processed foods, and in doing so are exposed to an excessive amount of artificial food additives, many that can cause dire consequences to your over all health.

You Won’t be Able to Avoid Them

Nutrition experts say when you purchase package food, preservatives are everywhere. Even organic products use them, and unless you bake your own bread, shun all processed foods and drink nothing but water, you won’t be able to avoid them.

All around the globe

20th century advances in chemical and food engineering brought endless innovations in additives, resulting in the products currently lining supermarket shelves all around the globe.

You still can be a victim of food additives and chemicals

If you follow strict guidelines including  Dr. Weil on EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides,you still can be a victim of chemicals.  This list and infographic will give you a clear understanding of the more popular ones used out there to avoid.