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Article by Infofit

The Popular Paleo Diet Debunked

is the Paleo Diet worthwhile?

Is the Paleo Diet Wrong?

Who knew that we were taught about the paleo diet is wrong.  Did our ancestors really eat that way? The “paleo diet,” is based on the perceived diet of people from the Paleolithic era.  It has become a wildly popular lifestyle and weight-loss program recommended by many certified personal trainers and sports nutrition advisors.

The Paleo Diet is the fastest growing diet trend. It has been touted as the key to longevity and optimal health. The basis of this diet is to abandon the agricultural diets of today, which may make us ill, and move back to the diets of 10,000 years ago.

This is not a new diet, it has been around since the 1970s, it has just diversified since then in to form it is in today.

4 Key Points

1) Today’s agricultural diet make us ill

2) Abandon todays diet and eat like our ancestors

3) Eat lots of meat and not dairy or legumes

4) If we do this, we will live longer with no illness

Roots of The Diet

But, according to archaeological scientist Christina Warinner, who specializes in ancient DNA analysis and paleodietary reconstruction thus may not be the case. Her findings explain that the popular fitness nutrition diet is based on an unrealistic view of how early humans really lived. Using the latest techniques in the modern day research she pioneered she debunks it.  In this below video Warinner explores the roots of eating the paleo diet. She  shares the facts that we can use and learn from the food and eating habits of of our ancestors.