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Article by Infofit

The Personal Trainer Secret for an Amazing Butt

6 reasons we love to lunge!

Personal Trainer Results Are Absolutely Undeniable!

After investing more than 15 years of working out with a personal trainer, there is one particular move that I’ve experienced had transformed the strength, tone and appearance of others butt that I also include it in my own daily workout routine.

If you find me in a gym, you will not see me with the latest in high-tech equipment, vibrating platforms or any other gizmos but you will find me off in the corner doing  calisthenics.

Without question, the most effective move my personal trainer includes in my workout routine for an amazing butt is the lunge. Old school and prehistoric? Perhaps. But the results are absolutely undeniable, even on the playing field.

Do Lunges!

Whether you hope to lift your butt, trim down your thighs, strength and condition your core and waistline, or prevent knee injury its doing lunges.

Here’s how:

1. With your feet positioned shoulder width apart, standing completely upright.
2. Holding a straight spine with your belly button firmly pulled in and take a big step forward with your right leg.
3. Bend your right knee as close to a 90-degree angle as possible. Standing on the ball of your left foot with the majority of your weight pressing through the heel of your right foot.
4. Push your right heel off of the ground, mentally signaling to your glutes and return to standing upright.
5. Repeat the movement, leading with your left leg.
6. Try to perform 3 sets of 15 lunges on each side.

6 Reasons We Love to Lunge:

1. They sculpt a lovely derriere!
2. They dramatically improve your posture. Working to maintain a straight spine as you move through the lunges will challenge your deep stabilizing abdominal muscles and your back extensors.
3. They increase your body’s symmetry. Most people have a dominant side and lunges will clearly identify which side is weaker. If you notice that performing an exercise is a greater challenge on one side, consider making an effort to do a few extra on that side.  Over time you will dramatically improve your overall balance in your body.
4. They will nicely stretch your hip flexors. While performing a proper lunge, you are lengthening the front line of your leg that is placed in the back position. This position hold helps reverse the tightness that develops from long hours of working sitting at a desk.
5. They increase knee stability and the outcome is keeping your knees pain free.
6. Lunges are calisthenics or body weight training so free. It requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere.

NO excuses

Best translation: there are NO excuses for not doing this wonderful exercise daily! So, get ready, set, go!