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Article by Infofit

The Feel Good Fitness Prescription

Exercise may block anger

Fitness Can Boost Your Mood

Have you had a rough day? Having a day where you are feeling tense and moody?

It’s no secret that working out can make you energized but studies show that practicing physical fitness can boost your mood and even help combat depression and above all provide a positive effect on thinking. Just another great reason to jump on the fitness and exercise bandwagon.

Scientists found that you can start experiencing this mood enhancement effect immediately and lasting up to 12 hours by doing a workout as little as 3 times as week. Ideally fitness in the morning, with a moderate to intense exercise, averaging an elevated heart rate to be near 120 beats a minute is enough to boost your mood. Not only will you feel far better, and have shiny happy feelings, but you will be far smarter too because of the new brain cells you just generated.

Begin a Fitness Program to Combat Depression

“The point is to know that morning workouts do not have to go hard and draining to get those results. Just 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise raising your heart rate to 120 beats a minute is enough,” says ACE certified trainer and fitness instructor, Lisa Gervais. “The most important thing when beginning an exercise program to combat depression is to establish a regular pattern of exercise,” says Gervais.

Combine Forces and Work With a Personal Trainer

Self motivation or staying on track can be challenging. Combining forces working with a personal trainer, can help those slow to go individuals, stick to a fitness plan and achieve results. Once the pattern is established, your fitness trainer can tweak it to your needs and goals.