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Article by Infofit

Stress Management Strategies

2 simple suggestions to help you get organized, get things done promptly, and manage your stress.

Do you have difficulty getting tasks completed during the day? Do you feel you are being pulled in multiple directions at work and are not able to finish anything you start? Does your lack of organization stress you out?

Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the above, you are not alone. As a certified personal trainer I hear my clients answering yes to these all the time. Stress management is something people seem to constantly “work on” or seek help to improve.

If you look at the effect social media and technology have on your day-to-day activities, you will begin to see why you are stressed out.

Why you are stressed out?

Did you know that the average office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes? How often do you check your email in an hour? Well, if you work on a computer, it is most likely more than you think. Did you know the average employee who works on a computer, checks his/her email up-to 37 times per hour? Imagine what other tasks could be completed during this time.

I believe there is a time and a place for technology, but you should not let it rule your performance at work, or interfere with your personal relationships. Think of the last time you had a relaxing meal out in one of your favourite restaurants with someone you care about. Now think about how many times during that meal you took a call from someone or checked your phone for emails and texts. I see it all the time when I dine out; people talking to their dinner companions, while searching the web on their phones. Don’t make the mistake of making technology the most important part of the meal; but rather make the person you are dining with your priority.

Manage your stress levels

If you want a simple plan to help get organized, get things done promptly, and manage your stress, here are 2 simple suggestions:

1) You need to prioritize and do one thing at a time, do it right the first time, and complete it before moving on to something else. There will always be something that comes up, or something that is more urgent than the other. However, if you continue to only do part of the job all the time, then you will always be chasing projects that need to be completed.

2) Another great way of managing stress during the workday is to get out and move. Add in exercise! As a BCRPA certified personal trainer, I talk to my clients often about finding time in the day to turn technology off, and do something for themselves. That can be something as simple as going for a walk at lunch, doing yoga before work or heading to the gym after work. If you need help with your exercise routine, an Infofit Personal Trainer can help!

Remember, stay focused on what is most important, and complete it before moving on to something else. As well, find time for yourself to get up and add in some fitness.