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Article by Infofit

Strength and Conditioning Endurance Training for Long Runs

Strength and conditioning endurance training for long runs

Endurance Training for Long Runs

Endurance training improves your over all performance as a runner and conditions you for those long runs. When performed correctly, your focus is on cardiovascular performance measurement tests, like Sub VO2 max and resting heart rate. Fitness professionals recommend wearing a heart rate monitor to measure your exertion level and ensure that the training is optimal. Fitness testing for your Sub Max VO2 and resting metabolic rate is available through Infofit.

Endurance training programs usually involve a weekly long run or walk to build endurance.  “Long Slow Distance” or LSD, is the primary method runners in training use to improve endurance for their long trail runs. This form of strength and conditioning training provides tremendous cardiac benefits by forcing the heart to beat more frequently. This ultimately strengthens the heart muscle to pump blood more freely throughout the body and increases the oxygen absorption of tissues. The LSD run requires enough stress to your muscles so that your body is forced to adapt and increases its endurance.

Body Preparation Strength and Conditioning Tips For Long Runs

Here are a few distance runner body preparation strength and conditioning tips from a fitness professional. These tips are designed to get yourself running smoothly for those long runs!

a) Start slowly so that your body can adjust to the demands, increasing no more than 10% per week until you reach your mileage goal. Every 4th or 5th week give yourself a recovery week with lower mileage

b) Any long workouts should be performed at a slow pace keeping your heart rate is at a minimum 50% of your max but not peeking more than 85%.

c) Post run, be sure to perform proper recovery including cooling down, rehydrating and refueling to help your body replenish effectively.

Strength and Conditioning Endurance Training For Long Runs Mindset

A different mindset is required when strength and conditioning endurance training for long runs. A group setting can be more entertaining and helpful in passing time. Sporting a get up and go attitude works best, and resist glances to your watch. Endurance training will make you a more efficient runner, improve your health and mental strength, something that will influence almost every aspect of your life.