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Article by Infofit

Spinal Rehabilitation Exercises

Progressive rotational exercises for the core that force activation with movement.

Earthquake Proofing Your Spine

One of the fundamental principles in spinal rehabilitation is stabilization also dubbed by Andre as “Earthquake Proofing Your Spine.”  The Samurai Twist is a progressive exercise from the anatomical girdle grip as it forces activation of the core stabilizers while performing a movement

Samurai Twists

How to ..

1. Begin in a standing position while activating your anatomical girdle grip. Hold the elastic tubing band with both hands from a low anchor point, keeping the thumbs pointing upwards.

2. Place a small Swiss Ball between your knees, squeeze it tightly, and lock the knees out in a straight-legged position.

3. Twist torso while moving the elastic tubing diagonally upwards and crossing your body towards your opposing side. Keep arms in front of your chest, and do not over-rotate your torso.

4. Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly return to the start position and only pausing for 1 second until the next repetition.

Bike Boxing

“Bike Boxing” focuses on spinal rehabilitation by stimulating spinal rotation and functional cardio. In order to learn proper technique and promote safety, have your client begin learning the exercise on an upright or recumbent cycle.

How To…

1. Client puts their hands into a fight position. Place yourself tactically in front of the bike while holding some punching pads as targets for your client to punch.

2. Begin by asking your client to lightly tap the pads (alternating punches) in order for them to get used to the motion. From there, progress to a cross-over punching routine to stimulate spinal rotation.

3. Make sure your client has their Anatomical Girdle Grip (Core) engaged throughout the routine. You can do this throughout the cardio routine or as an interval

Sport Progressions with Spinal Rehabilitation

The concept of the Samurai Twist for Golfers is a progression from the original Samurai Twist that has been modified specifically for the sport, and can also be modified to mimic other sport movements that involve a swing of the torso (i.e. Hockey, baseball, etc…).

NOTE: Refer to the “Spinal Rehabilitation Samurai Twist” video in order to understand the physiology and mechanics prior to performing the movement

Complete the movement in the same manner as detailed but note the rear foot will pivots towards the same direction as the movement in order to allow more hip movement and to improve a golf swing.

André Noël Potvin, MSc, CES, CSCS, TFL, is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Owner of Infofit, North America’s Premier School for Fitness Professionals.