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Article by Infofit

Sleep For Weight-loss

Our body craves more fat and sugar….and stores fat cells!

Sleep is Important For Our Health

Many factors can affect our mood and overall health, some of which include the weather, stress, lack of sleep, and even seasonal affected disorder.

Sleep is very important to our health and the benefits are numerous, including repairing damage to tissue from workouts, rejuvenation, healing properties, weight loss and energizing you for the next day. When our body does not get the sleep it requires, we begin to feel run down.  Our immune system can be weakened, and our mood may become affected.

Interestingly, another side effect for lack of sleep is with our appetite. Our body begins to crave sugary and fatty foods as well as an increase in our overall appetite. We all know what happens when we are tired; we become less active. Add to that a poor diet bridged with a large appetite will equal weight gain.

Cortisol Released For The Body to Deal With Stress

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and for some this can be a very stressful time of year. The stress hormone cortisol is released as a way for the body to deal with stress.

If you are in a serious situation that being ‘fight or flight,’ something that requires immediate response or action; that release of cortisol is a good thing. If you are stressed because you will be hosting a large family dinner for the holidays and you want everything to be perfect, cortisol does the contrary. Cortisol is the response of how our body reacts under stress; our body craves more fat and sugar and it will cause our body to store fat cells. We certainly do not want our body to be storing fat, especially if we are not doing any effective cardiovascular activity to burn fat.

The weight loss solution over the holidays by lowering stress levels and improving our health by simply getting plenty of rest, engage in physical activity with friends so you can catch up while you are being active, or go to yoga classes or get a massage to stay relaxed.