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Article by Infofit

Innovative Side Plank – Can you do it?

An even better, innovative side plank.

An Even Better Plank, Innovative Side Plank!

Many personal trainers use a very common, but effective, exercise to strengthen clients’ core called the Side Plank.  It requires lying on your side, up on-to your elbow with your feet together and legs straight (see below).

However, what would you say if I told you that there is an even better, innovative side plank that not only works your core, but also strengthens your lower back, inner thighs and stabilizes your pelvis? Would you do it? Of course you would.  But, can you do it?

Inner Thigh Side Plank

Check Your Alignment

When performing this exercise, which I call the Inner Thigh Side Plank, pay special attention to good form. Stay up high on your elbow (avoid sagging into your shoulder; keep your hips up so that your body is in a straight line (no dropping of the hips).  A good way to ensure your body is properly aligned is to hold a broomstick in front of your body from the nose to the anchored foot.  Align your nose, sternum (breast bone), umbilicus (belly button), pubic bone and the anchored foot on the floor.  Use a mirror to see your alignment.

Watch this video and try it yourself.  Which progression are you able to do?

Pass this innovative side plank on to your family, friends and clients.

Happy Training!

Andre Noel Potvin, MSc, ACSM PFT, BCRPA TFL, President of Infofit