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Article by Infofit

Scapulohumeral Rhythm Shoulder Pain Exercises

The shoulder exercises demonstrated by master personal trainer Andre Noel Potvin can help.

Shoulder Pain Can Hinder Performing Everyday Tasks

When experiencing shoulder pain, the limitations of use are found when your arm normally is raised overhead. Shoulder pain can hinder performing everyday tasks and simple exercises like putting away groceries, getting dressed and basic grooming.

Typically when you have shoulder pain, you may have loss of range of motion surrounding your shoulder. But when things are weak and not moving smoothly in the shoulder, there are compensatory strategies to lift their arms, or arm, overhead.

Frequently, individuals develop what rehabilitation specialists call a “scapular dominant pattern” with their scapulohumeral rhythm. A medical way of saying that you are compensating  by using your shoulder blade and the muscles around it, and not your desired shoulder joint, to lift your arm.

The complex task of lifting your arm overhead surprisingly takes the coordination of most muscles around your shoulder and shoulder blade. Working together these muscles to help you lift your arm up overhead. When injured, the shoulder has pain, weakness, or tightness that may prevent normal scapulohumeral rhythm from occurring.

Restore Normal Scapulohumeral Rhythm

If you seek treatment of your injured shoulder pain, as seen in the video below, these exercises demonstrated by master personal trainer Andre Noel Potvin can help your condition to gain control of your shoulder blade and may restore normal scapulohumeral rhythm when combined with infraspinatus and teres minor rotator cuff exercises. These exercises are very easy to perform at home as seen in these videos below.