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Article by Infofit

Pursue a Fitness Career

Are you considering an emotionally rewarding fitness career as a personal trainer?

Fitness Career as an Elite Personal Trainer

If you’re someone who enjoys a healthy and sporty lifestyle, spending time with people consider an emotionally rewarding career in the fitness industry. The process in becoming a certified personal trainer at Infofit can be done as quickly as 12 weeks. Whichever fitness course fitness certificate, diploma program  or  workshop you decide, every fitness and nutrition course meets the highest of regulatory standards. Infofit ensures the best education available for their students.

Infofit graduate fitness instructor’s are in high demand, not only in local gyms, but in fitness facilities all over the world. Labour shortages have brought tremendous fitness career options, including employment on cruise ships and luxury resorts. An athletic career can be very financially and emotionally rewarding. Experienced ACSM, ACE, BCRPA and nutrition certified personal trainers are known to earn near $100’s an hour. Still undecided as to whether to become a fitness professional?

Fitness Career – Entrepreneurship or Be Your Own Boss

Once experienced and built a decent client base, it’s not uncommon for fitness professional’s to start their own fitness business. Applying advanced education specialties, they cater to their clients’ specific needs. By working for themselves, personal trainers can dramatically increase their earnings. However, keep in mind that a business owner also assumes more risk.

Flexible Schedule

Typically most fitness professionals are able to set their own work schedules. This freedom and flexibility make it an amazing career option. For those fitness professionals seeking liberty in their work week, or as a secondary job or for those working irregular hours like parents and students, a fitness career is a wise choice.

Emotionally Rewarding

Personal trainers make incredible differences in their clients lives. By applying the latest in exercise science, they can improve competitive performance, image, function, health and wellness of people from all settings and populations. It’s an amazing experience to be a part of a client’s  journey to become and succeed as a top athlete or become healthier through physical fitness. Be warned that this fitness career leaves a super positive and lasting impression with every client you work with.

Great Income

The wage for a new personal trainer or fitness instructor can be exceptional considering the short time invested in courses, workshops and specialty training required to get certified. Fitness instructors who pursue further into advanced specialties with continuing education, can make considerable income.

Labour Shortages in a Growing Fitness Industry

With society becoming more self aware and driven to pursue physical fitness combined with the 26% labour shortage, the demand for personal trainers is the highest recorded. The latest group fitness trends like CrossFit, Zumba, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have created a massive labour shortage of qualified fitness instructors to lead these classes. More than ever, now is a great time for new fitness professionals. Take advantage of this ever so growing and profitable industry by becoming  personal trainer.

Be it inside in a gym or outside in the fresh air, this healthy, positive work environment, earning an excellent income, and have the ability to become your own boss in an expanding industry, all makes becoming a fitness professional a brilliant idea. Check out our list of fitness jobs.