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Article by Infofit

Prospecting Tips for the Personal Trainer

It’s the personal trainer that people buy in to, be ready with these tips!

Trust in The Personal Trainer

When it comes to selling personal training, it is the personal trainer that people buy in to. The purchasing power comes from having admiration and trust in the personal trainer.

What a more cost effective way to prospect for clients than by being friendly? And in doing so. it is the most effective and free of cost to become your own TV commercial! To penetrate this market it is not about handing out cards and soliciting requests at coffee shops to moms juggling toddlers. Begin with a warm smile, a greeting and strike conversation about their day; be it about their rescue dog, baby temper tantrums or their day at the office. The rest just falls into place.

Indirect Marketing

There is very little you can’t brand today with your logo and job title, so take advantage and be resourceful. In certain situations wearing a full uniform may not always be ideal but your brand on a water bottle, coffee cup or sports bag can do the talking for you. When you work out or go shopping, be sure to wear your brand and colours. Keep in mind a little creativity goes a long way. Become a walking billboard. A trainers shirt is a conversation starter… And my dog is adorable with his PT branded rain coat; a great conversation starter.

Walk the Walk

The hardest part of marketing yourself is to remain genuine and approachable. Rush hour traffic, and inner city parking difficulties can’t sway your mood. Remember first impressions is everything so look the fit and be professional. And if the day is super hectic and stressful maybe leave your logo at home. Mind you people will still recognize you, particularly if you’re doing a great job with your personal trainer business’s marketing.

See to Be Seen

The inner city doggy park might not be the best place for you to lurk when prospecting new clients, especially if you do not have a dog yourself. Instead, visit a coffee shop, sports wear shop or other venue where your prospective clients frequent. Without being awkward strike up conversations about anything other than being a fitness professional and let the conversation flow. It doesn’t have to be complex but just a simple smile and greeting is an easy gateway into a chat about last night’s game.

Try to home in on their common interest, or showing interest in something in which they are involved in, is best. At the park, I chat about the other rescue dogs and common issue we’re both having, like my dog’s perpetual need to find the biggest stick possible. At a coffee shop, I may ask a fellow patron how they like their scone where it is an opportunity to share my sport nutrition knowledge!

Keep in mind that no one wants to be sold to, or preached at, but nearly everyone loves to make a new friend. Make that your primary focus and your fitness business will pour in. At the same time, welcome every opportunity to make a sale, so if someone asks you if you are a personal trainer be ready to take them on.

Ready for Business

Keep business cards and pamphlets in your car dash board, sports bag and back pocket ready to hand out so you leave a strong first impression so that it will direct someone back to you. When the conversation winds down, be creative with your exit and consider to offer a protein bar with your contact info logo sticker on the wrapping and a card to invite future opportunities to continue the conversation. Be it shop talk or not, the point is not just to collect leads but it is networking and relationship building, ultimately to exchange contact info so you can reconnect in future time.

In closing, when prospecting for clients, always attempt to take down their name, phone number and e-mail address so you can reach out if you haven’t heard back within a week’s time. Gauge your follow up based on the level of interest and which method of communication to use. Not every connection will merit a phone call, but an informal e-mail or social media follow up will at least establish the relationship. Be sure to keep notes on what you discussed so you can pick up where you left off.