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Article by Infofit

Processed Food Isn’t What’s for Dinner?

Soy and corn are barely digestible

An Ugly Look at Processed Food During Digestion

Most of all the medicine and supplements we buy are made from petrochemicals. Our wheat is highly manipulated, which is probably why so many people are now allergic to it. Most corn & soy neither resembles it in its original structure nor nutritional value.  In addition,  our soy and corn is barely digestible.

Improving nature is a fools errand. If you eat whole, natural foods, you might discover taste is a whole body function, not just the mouth. You might also discover that processed food will make you very sick if you’re not acclimated to the poisons.

How Digestion Differs Between Food Loaded of Preservatives

Below is a great video from  TEDxManhattan’s Stefani Bardin’s. She uses her camera’s “Amazing Voyage” like investigation from inside the human body on how digestion differs between food loaded of preservatives (including butane as found in cigarette lighters) and food that can actually go bad in a day. Making this video, she and her partner swallowed a camera pill along with their meals which included more chemicals (Gatorade & Gummi bears). They also mentioned that, when the subjects swapped meals, the noodles looked the same, suggesting that chewing or not was not responsible for the appearance of the noodles.

The camera used here, called a M2A pill (“mouth to anus”) produced a stop-motion video down to the small intestine. The video’s actual alimentary take begins at the 2 minute mark. The images of processed food are shocking.