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Article by Infofit

Personal Training Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

We hire for personality; we can train the skills

What Are The Major Personal Training Interview Pitfalls

Becoming a successful personal trainer is definitely something worth striving for. It is a career where you can attain a high level of personal satisfaction as enabling others to be healthier and make better life choices as it pertains to their health is very rewarding. What makes a successful trainer? If you understand this question you will start your career with a huge advantage over other trainers. When you are interviewing for a position and you have an understanding of what the job entails it is much easier to answer questions and present yourself in a manner that is highly appealing to the person doing the hiring.

Personal Training Interview Tips

Troy and Jon, owners of Groundwork Athletics, have been personal trainers and studio owners for over 12 years. They come from athletic backgrounds and both have university degrees. Troy – BCom (Finance degree, UBC), Jon – MSc (Graduate Degree: Exercise Physiology – UBC). Groundwork Athletics has been one of Downtown Vancouver’s premier personal training studios for over a decade. In that time they have interviewed over 100 trainers and trained and developed many of the cities top trainers.

What do they look for in a candidate they interview? What are the things that they want to hear, and what are some of the major pitfalls people fall into?

We hire for personality; we can train the skills

A good trainer first and foremost has a great personality. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and always give energy to their clients. As a personal trainer it is imperative that you understand how to sell. You are selling a service, but it is still sales. Trainers should be punctual. Trainers should practice what they preach. Someone who can easily build rapport and gain people’s trust will likely have the tools to become a great trainer. What does this have to do with the “Do’s and Dont’s” of a personal training interview you might ask? Well, I would say pretty much everything.

We are happy to share our combined 30 plus years of personal training experience with you and help you nail any personal training interview  you might undertake. Listen as we share our experiences interviewing and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the personal training industry and what it takes to be successful.